Minecraft Esports League

Thank you for your interest in our first Minecraft Esports League! 

We're excited for these kids to learn teamwork, self-improvement, showcase their talents, and make new friends! The first ‘pilot’ season will be free, except for the cost of a jersey & shipping ($75-ish), if you'd like one. 

Cost: FREE. If you'd like an esports jersey, the estimated cost is $60-$75 (shipping included). 
Platform/Version: All Devices - Java Edition/Bedrock. PC/Java is the most compatible setup, but we expect to have Bedrock and 'All Device' compatibility by the start of the season  (Xbox, Switch, Ipad, PS5). 
Communication Platform: Google Meet (only league players, staff, and parents will be allowed into comms). 
Registration Deadline: January 20th
Regular Season: Mid-February through Mid-April 
Playoffs: TBD
Match Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 5:30pm EST (flexibility can be discussed)
Team Sizes: 3v3 or 4v4
Age Range: 7-13 (exceptions can be discussed)
Team Management: Virtual practices/matches will be coordinated by a coach and league staff 

More Details: Teams will be competing in popular competitive game modes: ‘BedWars’ or “Capture the Wool”. Each team will be given access to a game mode server for practice. Teams will each field 4-5 players to compete in a 8-week league and play 1 match a week in a best out of 3 format. Matches go a maximum of 20 minutes long, so please dedicate at least 1.5 hours match time.