Find out how gaming can help your kid succeed in life



Playing video games. African american father with his young son at home.
Five young cheerful and successful e-sports competition winners holding golden award statue while standing in front of camera in club


Gaming Is A Tool

Line icon of a person with a gauge going up, indicating an increase in confidence

Gain Confidence

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Learn Life Balance

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Engaged Learning

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Learn Teamwork

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Discover Talents

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Gamify Goals


What age groups do you accept?
We work with 7-18 year olds.
What do your programs cost?
What Esports games do you have leagues for?
This varies by demand, but currently we have: Rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Age of Empires.
Do you only support the PC platform in league play?
Mostly, yes, but we do allow cross platform play on certain Esports.